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This piece is about the moments in which I see my Heavenly Mother. I see Her in the dedication my sister shows in parenting her young children. I see Her brilliance in my childhood best friend’s academic prowess and capability. I see Her in my own mother and the sweet service she gives. I see Her in my mother-in-law’s dedication to furthering Zion. I see the absence of Her in modern religious discourse. But She is there. I believe She cares and is as ever-present as our loving Heavenly Father.


Several geometric symbols are utilized throughout this piece. The squared circle, a symbol that frequents temple grounds denotes the place where heaven and Earth meet. Heaven, which is eternal, is represented by a circle while the four corners of the Earth are represented by a square. I placed a large isosceles triangle within the two shapes to represent the moment where the divine feminine joins the two spheres. The triangle is a shape of strength and has historically been used to convey femininity. It is used here to represent Heavenly Mother specifically. The symbols converge to create a new symbol. To me, it represents my earthly striving to connect with my Heavenly Mother and the moments where I see Her influence within my own mortal world. The small, imperfect triangles are meant to represent the mortal women around us. Though flawed, they point towards our Heavenly Mother and emulate Her shape. Her hands are shown around the girl to show that She is present and ready to embrace us when we seek Her.

In Her Midst

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    Typical turn-around time is 7-10 business days.

    All prints are created through a third-party service. Please reach out if there is a problem with your order.

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    Giclee Prints: made using a printing technique specifically for fine art, the process uses pigment-based ink that allows for more dots of color in any given area, this allows for a sharper image

    • Somerset Velvet: these giclee prints are made with thick, high-quality paper

    • Canvas: these giclee prints are made using canvas (as you may have guessed)

    Archival Chromogenic Photographic Prints (C-Prints): these prints are made using Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper

    All prints are made using archival ink  

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